I notice a lot of false visitors in Easy Analytics


Visitor analysis The internet is not as safe as we would like. About 50% of all web traffic comes from robots and not from humans. Much of this traffic is derived from criminal and malicious activity.

Sometimes you will see a large percentage of visitors from countries like China, Pakistan, etc. Their goal is to extract information from the website and place advertisements (spam) wherever possible. The people behind these activities use these countries as a detour to keep their real location secret. They are not necessarily based in those countries.

We are committed to filter this kind of traffic as much as possible. Unfortunately, every day new robots arise. Many robots behave as humanly as possible. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to combat this efficiently.

Blocking IP addresses is useless: hundreds of new IP addresses are used every day by spambots. Mostly they use IP addresses from infected computers. If we block these IP addresses, then we also block legitimate visitors.

The only way to efficiently fight spam on the internet is by addressing the source:

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