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EasyWebshop offers a user-friendly application to create a website or webshop.

Our platform is the recommended choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Natural growth

We do not use external marketing. So you don't pay extra for expensive marketing campaigns!

Thanks to high quality webshops and customer service, we have been growing organically for 12 years.

68649 webshops created

Natural growth
Responsive web design

Elegant and stylish

Website design as it should be. Without ads, pop-ups and clutter.

Our websites load up to 80% faster compared to other platforms.


Keep online and offline sales in sync

The Point Of Sale application makes it easy to sell in-store while keeping your administration synchronized.


Symcalia reservation system for websites

Calendar app for websites

Symcalia is a reservation system that integrates seamlessly into your website and shopping cart.


Connect seamlessly to other platforms

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Everything you need for online success

Build and create your way. We optimize your webshop for maximum search rankings to help your idea become a success story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EasyWebshop special?
It's our passion to make better websites that are easy to use on every device. We guarantee the most features for the best price.
Do you offer domain names and hosting?
Yes. A domain name, email and hosting are included in the price. Your domain name will be registered in your name.
Can I make a website instead of a webshop?
Yes. Just disable the shopping cart and choose the Basic version for only £ 3.95 a month.
Will you increase the price after a few months?
No, we haven't increased our prices in 12 years. If you want a higher price, you can get it at our competitors.

How can we help you?

Layout update

Layout update

Good news: the new layout update (version 4) is complete and available for all EasyWebshop customers.

Gift cards update

Gift cards update

Good news! We have recently added new features that make the management of your webshop more user-friendly.

New interface for order management

New interface for order management

Processing orders is a daily task for entrepreneurs. We made the new order management interface as intuitive, efficient and automated as we possibly can.

New EasyWebshop interface

New EasyWebshop interface

We've updated the interface of EasyWebshop. The new interface is designed to improve usability, provides better overview and facilitates a more efficient workflow.

Symcalia 2.0 is ready

Symcalia 2.0 is ready

It has been a while since you heard from us, but don't worry. We were not being lazy.

Democracy @ EasyWebshop: next update

Democracy @ EasyWebshop: next update

We would like to have your feedback on which update you want us to implement next. It helps us to get an insight into our customers' wishes and to improve EasyWebshop.

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